Let’s face it,
we all lead busy lives.

It’s 4 Schools Smart App organizes your life so
you don’t have to. 
With the touch of your Android
or iPhone screen.

Say goodbye to multiple parent portals, long emails
and sifting through endless information.

No more phone calls, waiting on hold, writing notes or
wondering who to call when you have a specific question.

Say Hello to:

  • Reminder push notifications in real time
  • Quick chats with timely responses
  • Being informed of every aspect of your
    child’s academic life while you work

Do More in less time.
Fast, Secure and Effective.

Biz Chats

Communicate effectively in One Place

Connect with your school community through organized, efficient and streamlined biz chats and avoid sifting and searching for information.


Get the information that you need when you need it

Address Questions or Concerns by tapping on the help desk Icon and be directed to the teacher or specific department that can assist you.

Synchronized “Power Agenda”

Enjoy Its 4 app’s cutting edge Power Agenda that organizes your school and personal life
so that you don’t have to.

School events, Academic and Extracurricular engagements are automatically stored on your agenda complete with reminder push notifications.


Track your Child’s Academic Progress

Check Assignments, Grades, Class Schedules,
Lessons and much more.


Create targeted messages to people in your school with specific, needs interests, traits or commonalities.

The people feature reaches targeted members of your school to address specific needs such as those with peanut Allergies, ADHD, Learning Disabilities and more.


Power Agenda

Automatically updates.
stores reminds you of important activities and events you don’t want to miss.



Stay in the loop with ongoing, pending and current announcements .RSVP for events by clicking on preset replies and never type a message.


Biz Chats

Send quick and easy messages to Teachers and Faculty Members . Chat reach out and stay connected.


Digital Forms Library

Store files, forms ,dittos and Documents. Go Green and save time and money!



Tap on the events tab and never miss important school activities and events.


Help Desk

Tap on the Help Desk Icon and be instantly connected with the person and or a department that will address your needs.


I do care

Stay informed on how you can help your school. Raise funds, donate materials, contribute, volunteer or join the PTA.



Check your child’s schedule, grades, assignments, GPA and support his /her academic growth and education.